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Labrador Mixed with Pomeranian: A Combo Full of Surprises!

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Labrador mixed with Pomeranian

Have you ever wondered what a Labrador mixed with Pomeranian would be like? This combination creates a world of adorable contradictions! In this article, we will delve into the unique and unexpected blend of the playful, friendly Labrador and the spirited, extroverted Pomeranian.

You might ponder, “Is it plausible for such diverse breeds to merge harmoniously?” This unlikely blend yields a pet that’s lively, intelligent, and brimming with personality, encapsulating the best of both worlds.

Our journey through this article aims to illuminate whether a Labrador Pomeranian mix could be the ideal companion for you, resolving queries and concerns regarding adaptability, health, and compatibility with your lifestyle.

Origin and History

labrador pomeranian puppy

A Labrador mixed with a Pomeranian, often referred to as a Labrador Pomeranian mix, is a fascinating blend of breeds, synthesizing the diverse traits of two dogs with notably different characteristics and sizes. This mix, where the small and fluffy meets the large and sleek, creates an intriguing hybrid, resulting in extremely variable appearances and temperaments.

What is a Labrador Mixed with a Pomeranian?

A Labrador mixed with a Pomeranian is a hybrid breed that results from breeding a male Pomeranian with a female Labrador. This crossbreed combines a small fluffy dog with a large sleek one, resulting in a dog that is extremely variable in looks and temperament.

Regrettably, blending canines of such profoundly distinct sizes can also result in severe health issues. This crossbreed is best suited to very adaptable owners who are willing to put in the time and effort to train and socialize their dogs properly.

History of the Labrador Retriever

The history of the Labrador Retriever traces back to the 1700s in Newfoundland, Canada. Initially, Labs were bred to assist fishermen by retrieving escaped fish, and they became invaluable companions.

This breed later traveled to England, where refinements shaped the Labrador into the friendly, intelligent, and versatile dog we recognize today. Now, the Labrador Retriever enjoys global popularity, renowned for its outgoing and amiable disposition.

History of the Pomeranian

In contrast, the Pomeranian hails from the Pomerania region, straddling modern-day Germany and Poland. Originally Pomeranian was larger and employed as working dogs, selective breeding eventually minimized their size, transforming them into coveted companions.

Their popularity soared in the 18th century when Queen Victoria of England developed a fondness for the breed during her Italian visit. The Pomeranian’s arrival in the United States solidified its status as a favored toy breed, distinguished by its fluffy coat, lively personality, and intelligence.

Appearance and Physical Characteristics

pomeranian labrador mix

Size and Weight

Labrador Retriever Pomeranian mix, also referred to as the Pomador, is a small to medium-sized canine, with a height ranging from 8 to 20 inches and a weight of 15 to 50 pounds. The Pomeranian and Labrador mix size and weight can greatly vary based on the parental sizes and individual genetic composition.

Coat Type and Colors

The Pomador boasts short, velvety fur that sheds generously, necessitating regular grooming. Their coat displays a wide spectrum of colors, often combining hues from both parent breeds, including black, brown, white, cream, and golden.

Physical Features and Structure

Labrador mix Pomeranian is a hybrid breed, that amalgamates the physical characteristics and structure of parent breeds. They may inherit a petite, fluffy body akin to the Pomeranian or a substantial, sleek physique reminiscent of the Labrador.

The Labrador Pomeranian cross forms a wonderful and devoted companion throughout its 10-15-year lifespan, offering unwavering companionship and affection.

Ear types can differ among individuals, with some standing erect like the Pomeranians and others drooping like the Labradors. While the Pomador exhibits a loyal and self-assured personality, they are also known for their piercing bark and substantial exercise and training requirements.

CharacteristicPomador (Labrador mixed with Pomeranian)
Weight15 – 50 lbs
Height8 – 20 inches
SizeSmall to medium-sized dog
Purpose/TypeCompanion dog
Lifespan10-15 years
CoatThick double coat

Temperament and Personality

cute puppy black labrador

Labrador Retriever Pomeranian mix exhibits a unique combination of behaviors, temperaments, and needs due to the diverse characteristics inherited from each parent breed. Understanding these traits requires insight into the individual characteristics of Labradors and Pomeranians.

Labradors are renowned for their friendly, outgoing personalities, intelligence, and versatility, making them excellent family pets and working dogs with high energy levels and a pronounced need for exercise and mental stimulation.

In contrast, Pomeranians are characterized by their intelligence, lively spirit, and strong devotion to their owners, but they can be stubborn, and they have a propensity for excessive barking. Despite potential training challenges, Pomeranians, much like Labradors, respond well to positive reinforcement and consistent training methods.

The Pomador combines the intelligence, affection, and playfulness of both breeds but can exhibit wide variability in temperament and behavioral traits.

Such variability in the Labrador Pomeranian mix underscores the importance of early socialization and training for a harmonious coexistence with these unique pets.

Behavioral Traits of LabradorsBehavioral Traits of Pomeranians
Friendly and outgoing personalityIntelligent, lively, and keen to entertain
Intelligent and versatileDevoted to their owners
Loyal, affectionate, and eager to pleaseTendency to be vocal and bark excessively
High energy levels and need for exercise and mental stimulationCan be stubborn and difficult to train
Good with children and other petsGood for novice owners

Care and Maintenance

pomeranian and labrador mix

Caring for a Labrador Pomeranian mix necessitates an understanding of the specific requirements related to grooming, diet, exercise, and training, all of which can differ due to the distinct genetic makeup of each individual dog. Implementing proper care is crucial to maintaining the health and well-being of this unique crossbreed.

Grooming Needs

The grooming needs of the Pomador typically involve managing their short, soft fur that tends to shed profusely. Regular grooming, at least once a week, is essential to remove loose hair and prevent matting, maintaining the coat in optimal condition.

Bathing should occur occasionally but not excessively, to avoid drying out the skin. Routine nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing are pivotal to upholding overall hygiene and health.

Dietary Requirements

A balanced diet tailored to the Pomador’s breed, size, and activity level is crucial. Selecting high-quality dog food that furnishes all the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals will support their overall health.

The quantity and feeding frequency will vary based on the individual dog’s needs, with treats being administered in moderation, ensuring they don’t constitute a significant portion of the diet.

Exercise and Activity Levels

Pomadors possess high energy levels and a need for consistent mental stimulation. Regular activities like walks, fetch, and other energy-burning activities are enjoyed by this breed.

The exercise requirement will fluctuate depending on the dog’s size, age, and inherent activity level. Supplying ample opportunities for exercise and play is imperative to counteract boredom and potentially destructive behavior.

Training and Socialization

Effective training and socialization are paramount for Pomadors to evolve into well-mannered and adaptable dogs. Positive reinforcement strategies are most effective, as Pomadors respond favorably to praise and rewards. Early and ongoing socialization is essential, introducing them to diverse people, environments, and situations, fostering confidence and well-rounded development.

Compatibility with Families and Children

two little Labrador puppies in a box yawn

Labrador Pomeranian cross can make a suitable pet for families, including those with children, due to its friendly and outgoing personality. The breed has high exercise, training needs, and a pronounced bark which can be challenging for some.

Proper socialization and training are crucial to develop well-behaved dogs. Pomadors are adaptable to different living conditions and climates, provided they get adequate exercise and mental stimulation, but their small size may require extra protection in extreme temperatures.

For potential owners, the variability in size, appearance, and temperament, high maintenance needs, and potential health issues due to the size difference between parent breeds are considerations. It is also recommended to choose reputable breeders or consider adoption.

CompatibilitySuitable for families with children; needs supervision during interaction
AdaptabilityAdaptable to various living conditions and climates; needs adequate exercise and mental stimulation
MaintenanceHigh exercise, training, and grooming needs; prone to shedding
Health ConsiderationsPotential health issues due to size difference between parent breeds
AcquisitionChoose reputable breeders or consider adoption from shelters or rescues

Finding Your Labrador Mixed with Pomeranian: Breeders and Adoption

labrador pomeranian cross

Now that you’ve learned about the wonderful attributes of the Labrador Pomeranian mix, it’s time to find your new furry companion. There are two primary ways to get a Labrador Pomeranian mix: through a breeder or adoption.

Finding a Labrador Pomeranian Mix from Breeders

If you prefer to buy from a breeder, it’s essential to research carefully and choose a reputable breeder who prioritizes the well-being of their dogs. You can find a list of breeders in your area by searching online or by asking other dog owners.

When you reach out to a breeder, make sure to ask questions about the lineage and health of the puppy’s parents. You can also request to meet the parents and see the puppy’s living conditions before you commit to buying.

Be prepared for high prices when buying from a breeder. A Labrador Pomeranian mix puppies can cost between $500 to $1500, depending on the breeder’s reputation, location, and the puppy’s quality.

Adopting a Labrador Pomeranian Mix

Adopting a Labrador Pomeranian mix from a rescue organization can be a great option if you want to give a loving home to a dog in need. You can find rescue organizations that specialize in crossbreeds like the Labrador Pomeranian mix, or you can check with your local animal shelter.

Adoption fees are generally much lower than buying from a breeder, typically ranging from $100 to $500. You might not have access to detailed information about the puppy’s lineage and health history.

No matter which routes you choose, make sure to ask plenty of questions and do your research to ensure that you’re getting a healthy and well-adjusted puppy. With a little patience and persistence, you’ll soon find your perfect Labrador Pomeranian mix companion!


Choosing a pet is a joyful journey, and the dynamic, affectionate blend of the Pomeranian and Labrador Retriever brings together the best of both worlds. While the Pomador can be a handful, with their high energy and grooming needs, they reward their owners with unparalleled companionship and love.

We’d love to hear about your experiences with this unique mix—feel free to share your stories and tips about bringing up a Pomador in the comments below!

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