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6 Best Labrador Breeders in Oregon

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best labrador breeders in oregon

If you are searching for the best Labrador breeders in Oregon, you’ve come to the right place. Our research is here to assist you in finding your next puppy.

The presence of numerous Labrador breeders can make your decision overwhelming. To simplify your search, here’s a curated list of the top Labrador breeders in Oregon.

With all that has been said, let’s begin this endeavor and find the perfect Labrador Retriever to welcome into your family.

oregon labrador breeders

Sunnyview Labradors

Location: Salem, Oregon
Website: Sunnyview Labradors
Phone Number: (503) 378-0333

Sunnyview Labradors is your Best Labrador Breeder in Salem, Oregon!

Founded in 1970 on a 50-acre property in Willamette Valley, along the Pudding River, they are committed to providing top-quality Labrador Retrievers and dog training services.

Sunnyview Labradors is committed to breeding top-quality Labrador Retrievers with a focus on American lines, particularly black and yellow puppies. With over 50 years of experience, their purpose is to produce versatile and loving Labrador Retrievers, suitable as loyal family companions or skilled hunting and working partners.

While their history speaks volumes, remember to research further. Sunnyview Labradors’ dedication to health screening ensures healthier, longer-lived dogs. Whether a family companion or skilled hunter, they’ve got you covered.

Labrador Lovers

Location: Salem, Oregon
Website: Labrador Lovers
Phone Number: (503) 508-4086

Nestled in Salem, Oregon, Labrador Lovers is a well-respected hobbyist breeder specializing in raising Labrador Retrievers using the renowned Rules of 7 technique. With a focus on promoting trainability, confidence, and socialization, they aim to nurture friendly and well-adjusted puppies.

Backed by AKC-registered English Labrador Retrievers from distinguished English Champion and hunter bloodlines, their puppies boast a delightful range of light yellow to dark golden colors.

To secure your dream puppy, simply complete a questionnaire and a $200 deposit will reserve your spot in the upcoming litter. If they can’t provide your preferred gender or color, the deposit is refundable or transferable to the next litter.

With their puppies receiving essential care, including vaccinations, deworming, and training, Labrador Lovers ensures they are ready to join your loving home at 7-8 weeks of age.

Renowned for their outgoing and loving nature, Labrador Retrievers make fantastic companions for families, service, and playmates for children. Their playful and adventurous spirit will win your heart, making them the perfect addition to your family.

Explore the wonderful world of Labrador Retrievers with Labrador Lovers – a trusted breeder committed to producing exceptional, well-socialized, and versatile puppies.

Valley View English Labs

Location: Southern Oregon
Website: Valley View English Labs
Phone Number: (541) 840-8010

Valley View English Labs is a place where beautiful, intelligent, and loving Labrador puppies are bred to be exceptional family companions. Located in the scenic region of Southern Oregon, our small kennel specializes in providing not only puppies with exceptional personalities and temperaments but also in maintaining their overall health and well-being.

At Valley View English Labs, prioritize responsible breeding practices. Their breeding dogs undergo extensive health testing for hip and elbow dysplasia, EIC, and hereditary eye abnormalities, ensuring that their puppies are born to healthy parents. They are proud to offer black, chocolate, and yellow Labrador Retriever puppies, each hand-raised with love and care.

They believe dogs are more than pets; they are valued family members. That’s why all of their dogs live in their home, are never kennel-raised, and receive lavish attention and love. Their English Labradors have a gentle nature and a willingness to please that makes them perfect family companions, and their intelligence and stamina make them excellent service dogs or hunting partners.

If you are considering adding a Labrador to your family, we recommend you consider this carefully as it is a long-term commitment. Feel free to contact them with any questions or to explore the possibility of welcoming one of their adorable Labrador puppies into your loving home.

Cold Creek Farms

Location: North Eugene, Oregon
Website: Cold Creek Farms
Phone Number: (541) 942-1059

Allow me to introduce you to Cold Creek Farms, a reputable Labrador breeder based in North Eugene, Oregon. They have rightfully earned their place among the best Labrador breeders in Oregon with their commitment to producing top-quality Labradors.

Cold Creek Farms takes pride in their small breeding program, focusing on quality over quantity. With only a few litters per year, they ensure that each puppy receives the utmost love and attention, resulting in well-rounded and healthy companions.

Their mission is to breed the best Labradors possible, carefully analyzing pedigrees to find the perfect matches. Whether you’re in need of a skilled hunting buddy, a show-stopper, or a loving family member, Cold Creek Farms has a Labrador that fits every household.

Their dedication to health testing is evident, as all their dogs undergo thorough genetic disease testing through PawPrint Genetics, as well as OFA hips and elbows evaluations.

If you seek a purebred Labrador Retriever with a fantastic hunting ability, show-worthy charm, and a beautiful temperament, Cold Creek Farms is the perfect destination to find your next furry companion.

Rogue Retrievers

Location: Scappoose, Oregon
Website: Rogue Retrievers
Phone Number: (503) 522-9896

Allow me to introduce you to Rogue Retrievers, a reputable Labrador breeder located in Scappoose, Oregon. Adrienne Hardin, an esteemed AKC Breeder of Merit, is the mastermind behind this outstanding breeding program. Her extensive knowledge of the breed, coupled with her experience as a dog handler and trainer, ensures that each home receives a Labrador with the perfect temperament and drive to suit their needs.

With a focus on health and socialization, Adrienne’s breeding stock undergoes thorough health screenings, including hip, elbow, and eye clearances, as well as genetic testing. The puppies are raised in a loving home environment, where they receive daily care and exposure to various experiences, ensuring a well-rounded and confident start to life.

As a dedicated dog trainer, Adrienne offers various training options tailored to meet both the retriever’s and owner’s needs. From puppy head start programs to AKC Master Hunter training, she covers all the bases. Her commitment to each dog in her care is unparalleled, treating them as if they were her own.

If you have any questions or are interested in welcoming a Labrador into your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to Adrienne at Rogue Retrievers.

Merganser Labrador Retrievers

Location: Creswell, Oregon
Website: Merganser Labrador Retrievers
Phone Number: (541) 953-8980

Let me introduce you to Merganser Labrador Retrievers, a distinguished Labrador breeder based in Oregon.

Known for producing exceptional quality, talented, and healthy dogs, Merganser strikes the perfect balance by combining English and American lines. Their Lab puppies possess the beloved fun-loving temperament of the breed, complemented by a moderate structure, featuring the classic blocky head and otter tails.

With AKC registration and adherence to breed standards, their bloodlines remain free from dilutes like silver and charcoal.

Merganser’s sires and dams boast exceptional pedigrees and intelligence, making them highly trainable. While these Labradors excel in competitions and earn high titles, many have found their calling as cherished family companions. Prioritizing the health of their bloodlines, all dogs undergo extensive health screening and certification before breeding.

The puppies are lovingly raised and socialized in the house, ensuring a smooth transition to their new homes. Crate training and exposure to birds and water are integral parts of their early socialization. All Merganser puppies come with full AKC registration, written guarantees for hips and eyes, deworming, and initial vaccinations.

With a successful breeding program dating back to 1990, Merganser has produced accomplished dogs, including Amateur Field Champions, Master, Senior, and Junior Hunters, as well as Therapy/Service Dogs. Most of their puppies find loving homes as cherished family companions.


In conclusion, this article offers an extensive guide to locating reputable Labrador breeders in Oregon. The breeders mentioned in our list have demonstrated a strong dedication to the well-being, ethics, and excellence of the Labrador Retriever breed.

Prospective buyers must conduct thorough research and pose relevant inquiries before making any commitments. Ensuring the breeder’s standing and reviewing health certifications and authorizations are crucial steps in selecting a trustworthy source.

Emphasizing the preservation of Labrador puppies’ health and disposition guarantees their role as lifelong companions. It is essential to provide your Labrador with proper care, affection, and devotion throughout their entire life.

Daniel Rowe
Daniel Rowe
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