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10 Best Labrador Breeders in Florida

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The Labrador Retriever has won the hearts of people all over the United States. Their desire to please, affectionate and lively disposition, combined with a high level of intelligence, is one of the many reasons they are loved, and it’s no surprise that they rank so highly among the most popular breeds in the country.

If you intend to join the multitude of Labrador Retriever owners in the United States, then you undoubtedly require a breeder. Not just any breeder will do, but a high-quality, top-notch, and reputable one. You deserve nothing but the best, including a breeder who has invested considerable effort and consideration into breeding Labrador Retrievers of the utmost quality.

In this article, I have compiled a roster of the finest Labrador Retriever breeders residing in Florida. These respected breeders genuinely prioritize the well-being and happiness of both the Labrador Retriever and the owners. They conduct health tests, socialize their puppies, and provide attentive care during the crucial first 8 weeks of their lives.

Whether you reside in Florida or are simply passing through and seeking the perfect Labrador Retriever companion, this article was crafted specifically for you. We have conducted our own research to assist you in finding your next puppy.

With all that has been said, let’s commence with this endeavor and find the ideal Labrador Retriever to add to your family.

labrador retriever breeders florida

Tru-Heart Labradors

Owner: Susan L. Trumble
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
AKC Registered: Yes
Website: Tru-Heart Labradors
Phone Number: (904) 318-5315

Tru-Heart Labradors, located between Jacksonville and Gainesville, Florida, is a reputable and established professional dog breeder. They take great pride in producing the highest quality dual-purpose chocolate, yellow, and black Labrador Retriever puppies in the state. Their puppies are exclusively sold to loving pet homes on a limited-registration basis. Tru-Heart Labradors is dedicated to providing a meticulous, loving, and stimulating environment for their puppies during their early development.

To ensure that every Tru-Heart puppy finds the best possible forever home, the breeder requires interested individuals to submit an application before discussing pricing or accepting a deposit. This demonstrates their commitment to responsible and thoughtful placement of their outstanding puppies.

Tru-Heart Labradors follows a unique breeding philosophy. While their dams and sires boast champion show and working bloodlines, their program emphasizes out-crossing to create new genetic combinations and eliminate undesirable traits. They firmly believe in maintaining genetic diversity, just as wild animal populations do, to promote the health and well-being of their Labrador Retrievers.

If you are looking for a Labrador Retriever of exceptional quality, Tru-Heart Labradors is the breeder to consider. Their dedication to responsible breeding, thorough nurturing, and non-inbreeding practices ensure that their puppies possess the desired qualities and make wonderful companions. Contact Tru-Heart Labradors today and take the first step toward welcoming a well-bred and cherished Labrador puppy into your family.

Quail Meadow Labs Florida

Owner: Michelle Mitchell
Location: Dunnellon, Florid
AKC Registered: Yes
Website: Quail Meadow Labs Florida
Phone Number: (352) 489-1879

Quail Meadow Labradors is a family-owned breeder in Dunnellon, Florida, with a passion for Labrador Retrievers. With over 20 years of experience, they are dedicated to producing exceptional puppies with strong pedigrees and proven champion bloodlines. Their commitment to meeting AKC breeding standards ensures the highest quality Labradors.

At Quail Meadow Labradors, socialization is a top priority. Their puppies are raised in a loving home environment alongside children, cats, horses, cows, and sheep. This early interaction creates well-socialized and people-friendly pets that will become cherished members of your family.

With three to five litters each year, their English Labradors boast great temperaments, champion pedigrees, and both show and field qualities. They strive to provide families with healthy pets, free from hip, elbow, or eye problems.

Quail Meadow Labradors’ genuine love for Labradors shines through, as they treat their dogs as part of their family. If you’re looking for a high-quality, well-socialized Labrador puppy, visit their website or contact them at (352) 489-1879. Take the first step toward welcoming a sweet, healthy, and loving companion into your home.

Lab Country

  • Owner: Kim  Blythe and John Blythe  
  • Web URL:
  • Address: 2590 Schmidt Ln, Chipley, Florida
  • Email:
  • Phone No: 850-415-6750

Introducing Lab Country, a devoted Labrador Retriever breeder nestled in Chipley, Florida. With nearly three decades of Labrador ownership and love, John and Kim Blythe founded Lab Country to share their passion for this wonderful breed.

Lab Country specializes in Silver Labradors, Champagne Labradors, Yellow, Chocolate, and Fox Red Labradors, with four sires and three dames. They prioritize the well-being of their puppies, starting with dew claw removal at five days old, deworming, and microchipping. All Lab puppies are AKC registered, ensuring their authenticity.

As a caring hobby breeder, Lab Country focuses on producing exceptional temperament Labradors, treating them as beloved members of their family. They breed only 4-5 litters per year, providing utmost attention to each puppy’s health and development.

Lab Country offers various registration options for different colors, with discounts available for purchasing more than one puppy. You can rely on them for a healthy and happy puppy, backed by a one-year health guarantee.

Stone Haven Labs

Welcome to Stone Haven Labs, a distinguished breeder of English Labrador Retrievers in Dunnellon, Florida, with a remarkable legacy since 1980. With a strong commitment to health and temperament, they select only the finest parent stock for their puppies, ensuring robust and well-balanced companions.

At Stone Haven Labs, the welfare of their pups is paramount. They raise each puppy with love and care, considering them part of their own family. As a testament to their dedication, every puppy departs with a nurturing and training book to guide their new owners.

Being one of the five Master Breeders in the United States since 2008 according to the Quality Breeders Association, Stone Haven Labs holds a prestigious position in the Labrador breeding community. They specialize in breeding black, yellow, and chocolate Labradors, producing exceptional companions, show dogs, field retrievers, and service dogs for over three decades.

Their meticulous breeding philosophy includes bottle-feeding the puppies alongside nursing from their mothers, acclimating them to everyday sounds by locating the nursery at the heart of their home and conducting temperament tests to find the perfect match for each family.

Stone Haven Labs’ dedication to their dogs’ health is evident, with complete physical examinations by a veterinarian and the administration of scheduled vaccines. With their nurturing approach, experience, and top-quality Labradors, Stone Haven Labs stands among the finest Labrador breeders in Florida.

Remedy Labradors

  • Owners:  Sarah Wonnell and Jim Wonnell.
  • Address: Palm City, Florida, United States. 
  • Website URL:
  • Email: 
  • Phone No: 772 288 1254

Remedy Labradors is a reputable Labrador Retriever breeder based in sunny Florida. Founded in 1983 by Sarah and Jim Wonnell, this kennel boasts an impressive 28 years of breeding experience, producing Labrador Retrievers of impeccable pedigrees, health, intelligence, and temperament.

With a passion for maintaining the integrity of the breed, Remedy Labradors focuses on breeding English-type Labrador Retrievers in stunning black, yellow, and chocolate coats. Each Labrador parent undergoes comprehensive health testing, ensuring their puppies inherit only the best qualities.

Dedicated to their dogs’ well-being, Remedy Labradors provides excellent care and attention, raising the puppies in a clean and friendly 10-acre environment. The pups are well-fed, properly trained, and thoroughly socialized for a loving transition to their forever homes.

With limited AKC registration papers, up-to-date vaccinations, deworming records, and a health check from a licensed veterinarian, you can rest assured that your Labrador Retriever from Remedy Labradors will be a cherished and healthy addition to your family.

Show Den Labradors

  • Owners:  Karen Gjertsen
  • Address: Northern Florida
  • Website URL:  Snow Den Labradors
  • Email: 

Show Den Labradors is a renowned Labrador breeder located in northern Florida. Specializing in show and performance Labradors, they are dedicated to producing dogs of exceptional conformation, temperament, and health. With a gallery showcasing their previous litters and show ring achievements, Show Den Labradors has earned a reputation as one of the best Labrador breeders in Florida.

Their puppies come from champion bloodlines and undergo thorough health testing, ensuring they meet AKC standards. Show Den Labradors prioritizes raising well-socialized and loving pets that will bring joy to their new families. With a focus on athletic, sound, and well-balanced conformation, their Labradors are truly born champions.

Located in Brooksville, Florida, Show Den Labradors leaves no stone unturned in providing their puppies with the best care and love. Each puppy comes with hip and elbow OFA certifications, giving you peace of mind about their health.

If you’re looking for a Labrador with show ring potential and calm temperament, Show Den Labradors is the place to find your perfect furry companion.

Seminole Labradors

  • Address: Located in Northern Florida just minutes from the Florida-Georgia Line
  • Website URL: Seminole Labradors
  • Email:

Seminole Labradors is a distinguished Labrador breeder in Florida with over 20 years of experience. Founded by passionate Labrador enthusiasts, their journey began with their beloved lab “Hubble,” which ignited their love for the breed. Their dedication to preserving the integrity of Labradors led them to focus on top-quality AKC purebred Labradors, prioritizing conformation, temperament, and health.

Seminole Labradors sets themselves apart with their membership in prestigious clubs, including the Labrador Retriever Club of The Piedmont and the Tallahassee Hunting Retriever Club. Their dedication to excellence shines through their carefully planned breeding program and champion bloodlines.

The heart of their operation lies in treating their Labradors like family. With a 10-acre property boasting a training pond and pool, these Labradors are raised with love, proper nutrition, and excellent care. Seminole Labradors is a place where you can find a darker-colored Labrador puppy in Florida.

With their expertise, they strive to produce Labradors that excel in the show ring, hunt tests, and as outstanding family companions.

Aisling Labradors

  • Owner: Lori Mcleod Wilke
  • Address: Located near St. Augustine      
  • Web URL: Aisling Labradors

Aisling Labradors is a dedicated Labrador breeder located in Northeast Florida. Owned by a loving couple, this hobby breeder began their journey after careers in the Air Force and Navy. Their passion for Labrador Retrievers led them to start researching breeding in 2006 and establish their breeding program in 2013.

Aisling Labradors focuses on producing traditional dual-purpose AKC-registered Labrador puppies from health-tested parents. They take pride in breeding Labradors with champion lines, ensuring the highest breed quality. Health and temperament are at the forefront of their breeding philosophy, resulting in moderate-sized Labradors with excellent characteristics.

Their puppies receive the utmost care, being whelped and raised in a loving home environment, not a kennel. Aisling Labradors has received positive reviews on their Yelp page for providing quality Labradors from champion lines in both Field and Show. They are also listed on Good Dog, a platform connecting responsible breeders with potential puppy buyers.

For those seeking pure-quality Labradors of black, yellow, or chocolate colors, Aisling Labradors is the place to contact. They are well-regarded as a reputable breeder in Northeast Florida.

Sloan’s Island Labs

  • Owner: Lisa Sloan   
  • Address: Jacksonville, FL, United States 
  • Web URL: Sloan’s Island Labs
  • Email: 
  • Phone No: 904-571-5347

Welcome to Sloan’s Island Labs, where the love for Labrador Retrievers runs deep. Founded by owner Lisa Sloan, this dedicated breeder’s journey began ten years ago when she fell in love with these amazing dogs and brought home her first Lab, Lady.

For nearly six years, Sloan’s Island Labs has been committed to breeding top-quality Labradors. They prioritize the health and well-being of their breeding lines by conducting genetic health testing through their trusted veterinarian, Dr. Kimberly Carter at Whitehouse Animal Hospital.

What sets Sloan’s Island Labs apart is their focus on producing warrior dogs and service dogs. They take pride in being proud supporters of the K9’s for Warriors Program, where Labs make exceptional service dogs. Some of their pups have even become service dogs for children with Autism and ADHD, truly showcasing the breed’s intelligence and gentle nature.

If you’re looking for a healthy working Labrador with a loving temperament, Sloan’s Island Labs is the place to visit. Their website provides more information about their puppies and their dedication to providing loving homes for these wonderful dogs. With their location affording lots of fun for Labs and their puppies, including swimming in nearby ponds and enjoying boat rides, Sloan’s Island Labs is committed to ensuring their dogs lead happy and fulfilling lives.

VJL Silver Labradors

  • Owner: Vincent Luise
  • Address: 435 Dickson Ave. Osteen Florida 23764
  • Web URL: VJL Silver Labradors
  • Email:
  • Phone No: 386.804.5935  

VJL Labradors is a renowned kennel that has made a significant mark in the world of Labrador Retriever breeding. Established in 2013, their passion and dedication to the Labrador Retriever breed have earned them a well-deserved reputation.

VJL Labradors specializes in breeding silver Labrador Retrievers, a unique and less common variation of the breed. In addition to silvers, they also breed champagne, white chocolate, and yellow Labradors. Their breeding program centers on the health, temperament, and overall well-being of the puppies.

Their sires and dams undergo thorough health checks and genetic testing, guaranteeing that each litter is free from potential health issues. The result of their exceptional breeding program is the production of outstanding working, hunting, and family dogs.

When you bring home a Labrador from VJL, you can be confident in the quality of your new furry companion. Each puppy is sold with limited AKC registration and is dewormed, vaccinated, potty-trained, and crate-trained by the time they reach 8 weeks old.

As an AKC-registered kennel, VJL Silver Labradors takes pride in providing a full-service experience for potential puppy owners, including a 2-year written guarantee on their dogs and training options to meet your needs.

Conclusion For Labrador Breeders in Florida

In conclusion, our article provides a comprehensive guide to finding reputable Labrador breeders in Florida. The breeders we have listed have demonstrated a strong commitment to the health, welfare, and quality of the Labrador Retriever breed.

It is critical that potential buyers conduct thorough research and ask the right questions before making any decision. Ensuring the breeder’s reputation and looking at health certificates and permits are essential steps in choosing a reliable source.

A focus on maintaining the health and temperament of Labrador puppies ensures that they will be lifelong companions. Be sure to provide your Labrador with proper care, love, and attention throughout his life.

Daniel Rowe
Daniel Rowe
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