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Are Silver Labradors Rare?

Are silver Labradors rare

Silver Labs have become increasingly popular in recent years, leading many to question whether they are truly a rare breed. While not as common as other color varieties of Labradors, Silver Labradors can still be found through reputable kennels and rescue organizations.

How often should you bathe a Labrador? (Comprehensive Guide)

how often to bathe labrador

Bathing your Labrador is more art than science, and as a Retriever owner, you might often find yourself asking, How often should I bathe my lovable Lab? Well, fear not, because we have you covered!  Your lab’s bathing and grooming needs depend on a variety of factors, all explored in this guide. From pre-bath preparations … Read more

When Do Labradors Calm Down

when do labs calm down

Have you ever wondered when your hyperactive Labrador will calm down?  Labradors, known for their boundless energy and playful spirit, often display a high level of activity during their early years. It’s important to note that most Labradors start to exhibit calm behavior around three to four years of age, but every dog breed is … Read more

Are Labradors Aggressive Breed

can labs be aggressive

Are Labradors an aggressive breed? This question often pops up among potential dog owners. Let’s set the record straight: Labrador Retrievers are famous for their good behavior and are generally not known to be aggressive.  Labrador may exhibit aggressive behavior in certain situations. Various factors such as environment, training, socialization, and health conditions can influence … Read more

Are Labs Good With Kids?

Labrador with a Kid on the snow

Since the early 1900s, the Labrador retriever has been praised for its hard work and love, long before it was recognized by the American Kennel Club. Labradors are very good with kids. Petting them and prodding them occasionally doesn’t bother them. They have a calm temperament and a very low level of aggression. The perfect … Read more